Jan 30, 2013

Big Meat Eater Feb. 26th Club SAW

Big Meat Eater (1982), Feb 26th
Club SAW(67 Nicholas St.) 7:30pm, 82mins, PG $5
The Big Meat Eater is an action packed roller-coster ride of a film involving:

- alien invaders!
- the reanimated corpse of the Mayor!
- a boy genius!
- construction on the site of the local butcher's septic tank!
- a special element called "balonium"!
- a new language invented by the town butcher!
- a psychopathic cleaver-wielding butcher's assistant!
- a rapidly decreasing canine population!
- musical numbers!

Skype Q&A with the producer/editor/writer/song writer! Laurence Keane

 We'll also be giving out prizes after the Q&A

Bob Sanderson is the mild mannered butcher of the small, sleepy town of Burquitlam. His motto is "Pleased to meet you, meat to please you." Bob's life is thrown into turmoil when he decides to hire Abdullah (The Big Meat Eater) - a massive human blockhouse of a man - as an apprentice in his butcher shop. Unbeknownst to Bob, Abdullah has just murdered the Mayor of Burquitlam in a fit of pique - and the corpse is hidden in Bob's freezer. 

An alien spacecraft arrives in search of a rare fuel - Bolonium - which is deposited in large quantities underneath Bob's butcher shop. Meanwhile, Jan, a boy genius, has stolen the Mayor's cadillac, installed a cyclotron and is set to launch it into outerspace...
Abdullah sings the blues while he charcoal grills gangsters and turns dalmation dogs into spotted spam... Alien robots desperate for bolonium possess the defrosted Mayor as their zombie agent... Bob and Jan are in turn the victims of repulsive temporary mutations... and Burquitlam itself becomes just another excuse for a bizarre musical comedy sci-fi/horror film. 

 From www.utopiapictures.com


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