Jan 11, 2013

Mystery of the Million Dollar Hockey Puck Jan. 29th

Mystery of the Million Dollar Hockey Puck
Jan. 29th CLUB SAW (67 Nicholas St.)
16mm, 7pm, $5.00 for adults, kids are free

A brother-sister pair of orphans get wrapped up in a diamond-smuggling caper in this delightful family film set in Quebec in the wintertime. Filmed in the mid-1970's, the Mystery of the Million Dollar Hockey Puck is basically a chase movie involving a pair of kid-detectives (Pierre and Catou) trying to thwart a couple of dastardly thieves. The chase runs from Chicoutimi, to Quebec City's Winter Carnival, to the big city of Montreal and the world of NHL hockey. The film plays like a series of colourful vignettes of the best parts of the province. The presence real NHL players also lends big dose of authenticity and nostalgia for anyone with fond memories of the NHL's glory days. In this, the year of the “lockout season”, it's a fine reminder that hockey means something more than greedy owners and spoiled players with multi-million-dollar salaries. In the “Million Dollar Hockey Puck”, as in life, the value is in the thrill of the chase, and the game, itself.


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