Nov 16, 2009

Canadian Cult Revue Schedule 2010-11

All films will be playing at the Mayfair Theatre (1074 Bank St.) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The series package is $65.00 or $10.00 at the door for each double bill/triple bill. Passes go on sale early Decemeber. The schedule is subject to change until Dec. 1st 2009. All films will be presented on 35mm film unless noted below. More info and a paper brochure to come.

March 24th Existenz (1999) + Cube (1996)

April 21st Quest for Fire (1981) + Black Robe (1991)

May 19th Monkey Warfare + Work, Bike, Eat (1972), 16mm + Waydowntown (2000)

June 30th Goin Down The Road (1970) + Strange Brew (1983) + Fubar (2002)

July 21st Rust Never Sleeps (1979)+ Greendale (2003)

Aug. 18th Crimewave (1985), 16mm + Skip Tracer 16mm (1976)

Sept. 22nd The Brain (1988) + Search and Destroy (AKA Striking Back) (1979)

Oct. 20th Ginger Snaps (2000) + American Psycho (2000)

Nov. 10th The best of the Canadian Army news reels (1940-46) + Archangel (1990)

Dec. 15th The Silent Partner (1978) + Black Christmas (1974)

Jan 19th Whispering City (1948) + Le Confessional (1995)

Feb. 16th The Man Who Skied Down Everest (1975) + Life Without Death (2000)

Nov 9, 2009

Our Upcoming Film Series

Welcome to the Lost Dominion Screening Collective. We are a group of film professionals, enthusiasts, and students based in Ottawa, Canada whose goal is to bring some big-screen cinema excitement to audiences in the nation's capital and surrounding areas.

We plan three separate series of film screenings to be held in different venues in 2010 and 2011, with a special emphasis on Canadian films and films that are rarely-seen on the big screen. All the films will be projected on film (16/35/70mm) in their proper aspect ratio.

The Canadian Cult Revue (CCR)

Starting in March 2010, we will run a series of double and triple-bills of Canadian films at the historic Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, playing once a month for a year as part of the Canadian Cult Revue (CCR). The CCR will be our largest film series, and will give audiences a chance to view many well-loved Canadian favourites, as well as a few "lost" gems recently uncovered in the film collection of Library and Archives Canada.

Tickets will be available in advance on a subscription basis, and will also be available at the box office on the night of the screenings. Our schedule and ticket information will be posted soon.

100% Real Maple Thrills

Our second series is a special fantasy/horror mini-series to be held outdoors at the Raven's Knoll Campground (near Eganville) in the Summer of 2010. Fans will experience all their thrills and chills (hopefully not too many chills) at this unique outdoor venue with films projected in true big-screen 35mm film format. Check back here in Spring 2010 for more information on the films, tickets and the venue.

The 70mm Film Festival

Our third series will be a 70mm film festival to be held in late 2010/early 2011 at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. This festival will give audiences a chance to experience the once prominent, but now virtually "lost" wide-screen 70mm format, now known as the "Grandfather of Imax" (the Museum has the only remaining 70mm projectors in the Ottawa area). Our schedule and ticket information will be available in the Autumn of 2010.