May 20, 2010


Lots a Canadian themed prizes, O'Canada and more.

Goin' Down the Road
1970, Directed by Donald Shebib, 100mins, 1.37, Mono, Rated AA, 35mm archival print (reprinted in 2000)  7pm

Director Don Shebib's 1970 film is ranked high on the list of all-time Canadian classics.  A story of two Maritimers heading to the big city to find a better life, this film is at once serious, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Goin' Down The Road resonates strongly 40 years later in a Canada where regional economic disparities still shape the lives of many.  It was also the start of the “hoser-trend” in Canadian Cinema, but its heart is in a grittier, darker place than the comedies that followed. Think Midnight Cowboy instead of Strange Brew.  

Strange Brew, 1983, Directed by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, 90mins, 1.85, mono, rated PG, Digital video presentation (for film prints currently available in Canada, but we are still looking...) 9pm

Strange Brew is an under appreciated film in Canadian film history. Perhaps because it's squarely aimed at the broad donut-and-beer filled mid-sections of the Canadian populace, it's never quite received the critical attention that it's deserved. In fact, it's never received the commercial attention it's deserved. Any other country that produced a film this successful, with characters as popular, would have produced a stream of sequels. Sadly, (for lovers of comedy) this stands as the only big-screen adventure of the SCTV-spawned hoser brothers known as Bob and Doug. This film is far more clever, and better made, than it's generally given credit for, and it's also a load of laughs.  From our perspective, any film that mixes Hamlet, Max Von Sydow and Oktoberfest deserves a big screen viewing

Fubar, 2002, Directed by Michael Dowse, 81mins, 1.85, Dolby SR, Rated AA, 35mm studio print. 10:40pm 

As with so many Canadian films, most audiences discovered the 2002 comedy FUBAR on video, where it quickly gained a devoted following of repeat-viewing fans eager to “Giv'r” at the prospect of  spending time with Terry and Dean, prototypical Albertan party guys. Like his later film It's All Gone Pete Tong, director Michael Dowse is sure to include some winks and nudges to the smarter members of his audience, letting us know that there's a price to be had for good times.  Still, if the party can't go on forever, it's a lot of fun extending it as long as possible, and with the guys from FUBAR, you're with good company (if good company for you includes guys with Mullets who like heavy metal).

$10 for three films!

May 14, 2010

Bonus Canadian Cult Revue Screening of Back to God's Country with Live Music

One of the oldest surviving Canadian feature films - Back to Gods's Country (1919), written and produced by star Nell Shipman - will be playing at the Mayfair Theatre, June 25th at 9pm with live music by HILOTRONS member and Mayfair Orchestra leader Mike DubuĂ©. The 35mm tinted print is coming from the Library and Archives Canada. Don't miss this unique event!  $10.00 for Mayfair Members, Students and Seniors.

May 7, 2010


Poster created by Jacob Rolfe

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