Jun 14, 2011

Canadian Cult Revue Season II (September - April)

Festival Passes are only $45.00 for 11 films!

Most of the films will play at the Bytowne Theatre, with our late night debut and afternoon children's films showing at the Mayfair.

All films playing at the Bytowne start around 7pm. Check the Bytowne calendar for the exact time.

Normal ticket prices at the door. Festival Passes can now be bought at the Bytowne box office and Invisible Cinema at Bank and Lisgar.

Films playing at the Mayfair will have various start times and prices. Please check the Mayfair schedule for the exact times.

More info to come.

Canadian Cult Revue Season II
September 17th 2011 - April 4th 2012


Sept 17th Deadly Eyes, 16mm, 1982, 87mins, Mayfair Theatre, LATE SHOW 11pm-ish

Giant rats attack T
oronto… starring Scatman Crothers (The Shining) and Canadian TV-staple Sarah Botsford (E.N.G.). The rats are in fact wiener dogs dressed up in hairy coats!
Sept 28th The Ivory Tower, HD, 2011, 77mins, Ottawa Premiere, Bytowne Cinema, 7pm ish
Director/musician/puppeteer Adam Traynor's feature film debut, a chess-epic starring a gamut of cult Canadian musicians including piano prodigy/iPad commercial composer/Grammy-nominated producer Chilly Gonzales, Juno-Award winning DJ Tiga, and internationally-renowned raunch rocker Peaches. Guest appearances by indie-pop superstar Feist and underground sensation the World Provider.
Adam Traynor was raised in Old Ottawa South, went to Hopewell Elementary School and attended Glebe Collegiate, making us very pleased to get the chance to debut his film in Ottawa.
Oct. 26th Rabid, 35mm 1.85, 1977, Rated R, Bytowne 
Early Cronenberg: rabid Montrealers run wild, infected by Marilyn Chamber's parasitic underarms.
Nov 9th Carry on Sergeant! (1928) (Silent film) 35mm 1.37, PG, 100mins, Bytowne
Canada’s dramatic take on the Great War well before Paul Gross's Passchendaele. The biggest-budget Canadian movie of the 1920's had the misfortune to be produced as a silent film just as theatres were transitioning to sound. By the time it was released audiences were already enamored of the new audio era, and the film failed at the box office and fell into obscurity. We now revive it with a live soundtrack by Ottawa composer Mike Dubue (Hilotrons).
Dec 7th  Janis, 35mm, 1.85, 1974, AA, 100mins, Bytowne
60’s music icon Janis Joplin rocks it out, produced by Ottawa’s own Crawley Films. Amazing footage of a musical legend at her peak.
Dec 28th  The Dog Who Stopped the War, 35mm, 88mins, Family, 1984, Mayfair Theatre, 1:30pm
This 1980's kid's classic was produced in Quebec as La guerre des tuques.   Familiar to many as "that film with the giant snow fort". 
Jan 25th  Videodrome, 35mm, 1.85, 88mins, rated R, 1983, Bytowne
Long live the new flesh! Starring Blondie's lead singer Deborah Harry and Oscar-winner James Woods. Video mutates humanity in this genuinely creepy Marshall-McLuhan-influenced horror classic.
The River of Life, or The Case Against Certainty, DCP 2K, 71mins, Directed by Edward Folger

In a tribute to the work of his friend, the late Canadian/Bolivian/Dutch artist Juan Geuer, Canadian/American filmmaker/poet Edward Folger builds a jig-saw vision of his life in Ottawa, in the form of a graphic raga, evolving, like classical Indian music, from a leisurely beginning, into a frenzied ride on the force of nature. He draws from his history with media – still photography, feature films, early consumer video; moving on to standard digital and state of the art, high definition video; and finally, into online virtual worlds.

From New York, New England, Ottawa, rural Ontario, and the vast digital world of Second Life, in concert with artists from France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark, each stanza of this video poem twists in a new direction – drama, documentary, animation, still montage, experimental, music video. The worldview that Folger shared with Juan Geuer is the glue holding all the pieces together. Portions of the film have been screened previously at various galleries and international film festivals and some chapters were produced with the support of the City of Ottawa and SAW Video Media Arts Centre.

Folger’s work leaps forward into the Twenty-First Century, visualizing String Theory and M-Theory, vibrating in the full eleven dimensions of reality.

– László Fontoskodó, Director of the Institute for Post-Quantum Critical Studies
March 14st Peanut Butter Solution, 35mm 92mins, PG, 1985, Mayfair Theatre 1:30pm 
Children's classic (sort of about the crisis of premature balding?) from director Michael Rubbo (Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller).
March 28th Lost Films from Library and Archives Canada, 35mm,1.37, Non-rated, Bytowne

Bits and pieces of various lost films from the vaults of Library and Archives Canada, set to new live musical scores.  More information to come.

April 4th Jesus Christ Superstar, 35mm, 2.35 scope, 106mins, 1973, PG, Bytowne
Norman Jewison’s musical about the last few weeks of Jesus Christ's life, heavily affected by the cultural haze of the 60’s and 70’s.