Apr 30, 2014

Trust the Unknown: A Tribute to Ed Folger, Thursday May 1st Club SAW

Trust the Unknown: A Tribute to Ed Folger

Thursday, May 1st 2014, 7:30pm
Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street
Free admission

Edward Folger was a filmmaker, nomad, pioneer, mentor, father, and friend. A technologically inquisitive artist, his experimentations with film, video and computers were tempered by a soul steeped in poetry, philosophy and music. His sudden and premature passing in November 2013 left a hole in the fabric of our community. Join us in paying tribute to Ed’s artistic legacy and remarkable spirit as we screen his groundbreaking 1977 feature film Nanook Taxi, the first dramatic feature made in Northern Canada featuring an Inuk cast. Nanook Taxi will be preceded by a compilation of videotaped interviews with Ed and a selection of his short films including The River of Life and Lessons in Democracy.

For more about Ed Folger go here.

Presented in partnership with SAW Video

Trust the Unknown is part of VideoCity at SAW Video. In 2014, SAW Video will devote its entire programming year to celebrating media artists from the Ottawa-Gatineau region, past and present.