Mar 26, 2014

Canadian Cameos Archival Short Films, Tuesday April 29th Mayfair Theatre

The Canadian Cult Revue Series is proud to present a rare selection of Canadian Archival shorts from the Library and Archives vaults.

 All on 35mm film for National Canadian Film Day! April 29th, 9:15pm

Most are from the "Canadian Cameos" series directed by Gordon Sparling 1930's-1950's

Rhapsody in Two Languages, 1934

The most famous of the Canadian Cameo series, Rhapsody in Two Languages by Gordon Sparling depicts a 24-hour period in Montreal from sunrise to sunrise. Its rapid cross-cutting blends Howard Fogg's original music with a succession of positive and negative images and optical effects. The integration of music and visuals is remarkable.
Hockey Star's Summer, 1950  

Grey Owl's Little Brother, 1932

Bye Bye Bunting, animated short by Bryant Fryer, 1934
Canadian Headlines 1952
Fair and Cold, 1933
Push Back the Edge, 1952
Sitzmarks the Spot, 1948
Progress Parade, 1931

The program runs approx. 80mins.