Jan 5, 2010

The 70mm Film Festival (The "Grandfather of IMAX")

Another film series we are working on is the 70mm Film Festival to be held in September 24th-26th, 2010 at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. This festival will give audiences a chance to experience the once prominent, but now virtually "lost" wide-screen 70mm format with 6 track sound (the Museum has one of the only remaining 70mm projectors in the Ottawa area). For more detailed info go here.

The 70mm films booked so far include:


Lawrence of Arabia 6-track mag, Super Panavision 70
Spartacus  6-track mag, Technirama
Baraka 6-track mag, TODD-AO
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 6-track mag, Super Panavision 70
Untouchables (Blowup) 6-track mag, In 70mm Dolby Stereo
Star Trek VI (Blowup) 6-track mag, In 70mm Dolby Stereo
Top Gun (Blowup) 6-track mag, In 70mm Dolby Stereo
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Blowup), 6-track mag, In 70mm Dolby Stereo

Canadian 70mm Short Films:

Seasons in the Mind, 1971, 6-track mag, In 70mm

A Place to Stand, 1967, 6-track mag, In 70mm

Multiple Man, 1968, 6-track mag, In 70mm (NFB Produced Short Film)

Where the North Begins, 1971, 6-track mag, in 70mm

Festival, 1971, 6-track mag, In 70mm

The Museum of Civilization's 500 seat theatre, and the Victoria 8, 70mm projectors


Anonymous said...

I hope they can secure THE BIBLE...IN THE BEGINNING for the festival. Print has yet to screen in North America.

Anonymous said...

hope these films will beshown on the curved screen

Anonymous said...

Would be great to see The Sound of Music on the list.

Paul G. said...

Warner (2001) and Fox (Sound of Music)Don't have any 70mm prints in Canada, and shipping from the States is very expensive, so it won't happen this year. If the festival goes though, maybe we can get them up next year.

Anonymous said...

You can't beat 70mm its rare breed today and glad to see its still be shown it would make some of the bluray discs look shameless in picture and sound where most bluray have been given fake 5.1 re-mix on some films that was shown in 70mm Dolby format 42 which is monaural surround, others like format 43 have stereo surrounds.

Hail 70mm!

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