Jun 1, 2010

Back to God's Country

Follow this link to read a fascinating monograph on the restoration of Back to God's Country by film archivist D.J. Turner from Library and Archives Canada (it's a large file so please give it time to load).  Turner recounts the great technical challenges as well as the strokes of luck that went into saving this important part of Canada's cinema heritage. We will be showing this same restored print on June 25th at 9pm with live music by HILOTRONS founder/composer Mike Dubue. Very few Canadian feature films from the early days of cinema still exist, and the restoration of Back to God's Country is a case to cheer. Not only did Turner restore a piece of Canadian cinema history, he also helped bring attention to the pioneering career of Nell Shipman. She was a true trailblazer - writing, producing and starring in the film. As with many of her roles, she portrays a heroine fighting to survive against impossible odds in the wilderness. It features a dastardly villain, wild animals, rugged landscapes, a husband in need of rescue, and a bonus nude scene from Shipman who knew how to entice an audience into the theatre.  This film became her greatest success, and cemented her reputation as a maverick filmmaker. Modern audiences may be shocked at just how "modern" this silent film is...don't miss it!


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